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Interdisciplinary Team Collaboration

Interdisciplinary team collaboration is key to a holistic approach to care for our patients. As practitioners we must think beyond the “typical” IDT of nursing, rehab and social services. Click here to read the rest

Summer Time Fun!

Summer is a time when many of us gather with friends and family to enjoy beautiful weather, each other’s company and fun activities. Click here to read the rest of this article.

Gait Components

As described by Jacquelin Perry and Judith M. Burnfield in their 2nd edition of Gait Analysis, walking is described as a convenient means to travel short distances. Click here to read the rest of this

Safe and Sound:Measuring the Journey

SAFETY FACT: “The fundamental law of improvement is this: Every system is perfectly designed to achieve exactly the result it gets” –Dr. Don Berwick, Former Administrator for CMS Click here to read the rest of