Gait Training: OT or PT? That should not be a question.

Occupational therapy’s scope of practice encompasses a broad range of clinical interventions for diverse patient populations throughout the healthcare continuum. Gait analysis and gait training, however, are NOT in the profession’s repertoire of evidence-based evaluative tools and treatment modes. These areas fall within the purview of physical therapists. External reviewers, RACs, MACs and others are

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Transitioning Between Payers

When transitioning between Medicare A and B as well as other payers, appropriate patient documentation must contain all necessary information to reflect the justification for continued skilled therapy and support billing for each payer to meet all regulatory and billing system’s requirements. Click here to read the rest of this article.

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Concurrent Therapy

Just like providing individual, co-treatment or group treatment, the decision to provide a concurrent treatment to your patients should depend upon clinical reasoning. Which patients would benefit from a concurrent treatment? What are the clinical benefits to the patient from this mode of treatment? A concurrent treatment is defined as one therapist providing different treatments

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New 2017 PT and OT Evaluation Code FAQs

Now that the New PT and OT evaluation and Re-evaluation codes have been in effect for 4 months, there are a few questions that have been asked that we wanted to provide answers to. Click here to read the rest of this article.

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Documenting for Cycle Ergometry

As therapists we utilize a variety of treatment techniques and interventions to achieve the goals established for our patients. The use of the cycle ergometry (Omnicycle or Upper Body Ergometer) continues to be a consistently utilized intervention. The cycle ergometry can be a beneficial treatment however; we are beginning to see denials on our therapy

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